Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lots of cleaning after soldering both sides and adding hooks for hanging! clean, clean, clean...then clean some more!

I made It!

Well after quite a long way around I made it to my doughters house befor she had her baby! I flew to Atlanta only to get stuck from 3" of snow...only 3" of snow...it was crazy. Met some girls ( I was the oldest) tried to get a car to just drive and every one way car was GONE! Stayed in a hoetl...with this girl Patty and shared a queen bed....I was so tired I did not care. Went to the hotel the next day to be on standby all day...but knowing all flights had been cancelled. My daughter had gotten us a cheeper cab by computer than we could get from Atlanta....We spent 90.00 going to a small town outside Atlanta and when getting the car we met a really nice man, that was also stranded, and picked him up too. We went out of our way a bit but took him to an airport that was flying..Was interesting all in all. Was tired but very glad to see my daughter.

Today we spent getting the car back and buying last minuet things for the baby!!!!!! YEH!!!!

Finally some chainmaille!

I finally got to do some chainmaille on Thurs. last week. I sold one of them on Friday...That was awesome!!! I learned turkish roud maille. It is kool. I also added a bracelet to my site. I will try to get some more done this wknd and maybe get them photographed too. I am finally staying home for once. I always would rather maille than clean....grand child growing like a weed, maybe we will get to see her soon. Well it's midnight...time to sleep


I have been working on my photos and my sites. Don't really have the time for it. Went to the bead show. There wasn't really anything there. I was thinking I might find some nice clasps and such. Not happening

Family times!

My child and grand child are in town for a month!!!!!!!!!!! yeh! and after Sat I am off for a month!

In another treasury


another treasury


New treasury

New treasury!


Yeh! Another treasury!!!!


Artfire Treasury!


In another treasury




in a new collection

In a collection!