Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Man is it hot!!!!!!

When I retire I want to go where they have seasons! Here we have hot, hotter, hotest, and damn hot....not seasons! I know you in the cold would love the heat....The thing about hot is you can get down to undies and air and its still hot! At least in the cold you can turn up the heat, put more clothes on, or get a blanket. At least you don't have to mow in the snow, but yes! you have to mow in the heat. I went out at 7:30 the other morning, to mow, and it was already 82.....I didn't mow. I went back in the house and back to bed!

I did have a chance to make a bracelet and earrings. Still not photograpghed yet. I am trying to get my ETSY shop to 200 items. Not sure why.....but I am. At least I have a goal!

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